How to find a suitable identification system? Very easy. With IDENTA

Sometimes one’s wallet is empty but one’s hands are full. In that case, even we cannot be of assistance. But we make it easy for you to open our doors without using either of your hands. And we have much more to offer regarding identification card production systems, identification cards, smart cards, RFID cards, RFID key tags, NFC cards, multifunctional company cards, Student Cards, customer cards and identification. For example: visual and electronic personalization of blank cards, encoding smart cards with regard to modular IT security functions, company-specific   

layout and identification design, production of identification cards, personalization systems for identification cards, connection to your Human Resource administration system (HR software), card shipping with Lettershop, desktop card printers, ID card accessories, etc.

IDENTA is competent partner of companies which are implementing time recording and access authorization systems, but also direct contact person for identification means, ID card management software, ID card projects of most distinguished characteristics for your company.
Sounds complicated? But it is just easier – with the know-how of IDENTA.