customized card layout

We, of course, apply your customized layout (logo, company colors, company fonts, etc.) on your identification cards, in order to meet the corporate identity requirements of our customers.

Personalization and encoding

Identification cards represent their holder and are therefore individually personalized. Due to their equipment with optically visible features, identification cards serve as personal identification of the card holder and at the same time represent their affiliation to companies, organizations, associations, clubs or the like.

Because of the configuration with one or several data carriers and the therein included individual coding, identification cards are of high value for the automatic identification at access authorization and identification systems and for the convenient use of payment and booking systems of any kind.

Depending on the customer-specific security standards, cards may be equipped with additional special security features (such as barcode, hologram, ...) or be embedded into customized public key infrastructures (PKI) that are of increasing importance to companies.