NFC Tags

Near Field Communication (NFC) is based on the combination of smartcard and contactless technologies. The frequency range is 13,56 MHz with a data transmission rate of max. 424 kBit/s. The most important thing is the scope of just 10 cm, in order to be able to count the contacting as an agreement to a transaction of the NFC application (suitable for Internet of Things - IoT).

For the applicatons with NFC technologiy we are offering various identification media like NFC chipcards, NFC tags (also on-metal NFC tags), NFC key fobs, NFC bracelets (e.g. silicone fitness bracelets) and NFC labels. New: NFC cable ties and NFC nails. 


  • Internet of Things IoT - suitable for the digitalization of products and devices
  • mobile and cashless payment with NFC
  • access control/guard control
  • eticketing

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