Security features for chipcards

Invisible Security Features for chipcards

  • Magnetic strip
  • Encryption algorithms of contact chips and/or technologies
  • Ultraviolet colours
  • Ultraviolet overlay or Ultraviolet print
  • XID Retransfer print with Ultraviolet overlay 
  • PVHT Foil (a foil against rupture)   

Visible Security Features

  • Holograms
  • Embossing 
  • ID photo
  • Barcode / magnetic stripe
  • Print of name, department, qualifikation
  • Signature field
  • visible authorizations with coloured stripes e.g. on the company card

All security features on badges help to make them more fraud resistant. Furthermore they complicate the transferability to unaurthorized persons. For example white cards printed with just numbers can be transferred very easily. The security risk will be diminished! We strongly recommend the usage of security features.