Are you familiar with badge cards or badges from IDENTA?

At IDENTA, you get a large selection of high-quality and brilliantly printable plastic cards (with/and without technology). In addition to the PVC and PC card, the new extremely high-quality PET composite cards made of modern composite material in premium quality are now also available. More details on this under "Badge production".

Badge cards contribute to more safety and convenience in companies, universities, authorities, institutes, sports facilities, hotels, tourism, etc. 

Options for use of an ID medium - in the form of a badge card or a practical key fob

customer card

1. Plant badge or company badge in the form of a transponder card
with high security requirements for access control to company buildings 
and time  ecording. We would be pleased to equip it with additional 
functions such as top-up option for cashless payment in the cafeteria
or at the vending machine.

2. Visual identity card as a "striking" business card for your employees.

3. Chip cards as seat tickets and season tickets for events, events in stadia (e.g. football stadium, ice stadium, leisure parks) for season ticket 
holders, VIP ticket holders, etc.

4. ID card without contactless RFID data medium for members of fitness
clubs and sports clubs
 (e.g. golf club), practically equipped with cashless
payment function (long-term use).

5. Customer cards as a customer loyalty instrument for shops, towns, advertising communities, interesting areas for tourists. So-called
culture cards and adventure cards for particular tourism regions are
popular at the moment. We would be pleased to equip them with a
magnetic stripe and a chip for a payment function.

6. Visual identity card as a participant badge for trade fair visitors for professional trade fair presence/event.

7. Fuel cards, wash cards for fuel station operators for customer retention, now also increasingly equipped with contactless system.

8. RFID cards and RFID armbands for visitors to thermal baths, spas, etc. 

9. Guest cards for visitors of tourist regions, hotels, restaurants etc. Contactless smartcards are preferred, often equipped with eTicket app for the usage of buses etc. in a certain area.    

Student ID card
city card

10. Hotel key card, hotel cards - a hotel access card with RFID technology offering greater security for your guests as an access card to sections of rooms and/or individual hotel rooms and also to separate wellness areas.

11. University card, student badges or UniCard, pupil badges, student ID possibly as a chip card with cashless payment function for the cafeteria and vending machines; for access to university, polytechnics, specialist libraries; also activation of printers and copiers, etc.

12. City cards for visitors and habitants of cities, big towns are a perfect and popular customer loyalty tool!

There are of course further options for using high-quality printed badge cards equipped with/without technology. We would be pleased to provide you with individual advice.

The card material of the identity cards is suitable at all times for printing using our card printers.