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Our product portfolio regarding desktop card printers means maximum flexibility at an outstanding price-performance ratio. Indeed, our range comprehends a great variety of models, each one of them meant for different application purposes and areas of use. This particular aspect allows us to supply the customer with a printing solution that adjusts to his specific needs and requirements. Thus, you can create, customize and print your cards with a high image quality yourself.

Generally, a distinction is made between two techniques: the monochrome impression in thermo-transfer method and the 4colour modus in thermo-sublimation method. The so-called TRW (thermo re-write)-technology provides inexpensive unicolor impressions and even allows to re-print the same card up to 500 times. On the other hand, the single-color or the 4colour technique in re-transfer method is the most high-grade printing solution, delivering photorealistic and over-the-edge impressions that reach digital offset quality.


With the direct purchase of a printer at IDENTA you can profit from following advantages:
• 24h re-placement service: we provide a suitable replacement printer for you within 24 hours
• in-house workshop: we repair your device at our manufacture department
• big in-house stock of spare parts for printers

NEW! we offer FARGO re-transfer printers FARGO HDP 5000, FARGO HDP 5600

As of now we can offer you the high-performance retransfer card printers from FARGO, too. Just contact us for a price quotation!  


Evolis Primacy          Product description
 Evolis Primacy          Personalize your cards in record time with the Evolis Primacy desktop printer! Chiefly distinguished by its outstanding printing speed, Primacy is still easy to use and handy. Because of its compact and lightweight design, this model in particular is especially convenient for usage on trade fairs or similar events.
Extremely fast and yet economical: the incorporated hibernation mode reduces power consumption, thereby increasing the printer’s efficiency. The Evolis Primacy printer has therefore been awarded the Energy Star certificate in recognition of its efforts to reduce energy consumption.

Further details:
Single-sided or dual-sided printing, edge-to-edge impression, monochrome thermo-transfer technique. USB and ethernet connectivity. Resolution: 300dpi, Input hopper: 100 cards, Output stacker: 100 cards
Printing speed:
Single-side: monochrome: 600-850, colour: 190-210 cards/hour
Dual-side: colour: 140 cards/hour

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